Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste

Artistic Collaborator


The Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanquiste, aka “the Kinshasa Symphony” and “the OSK” was founded in 1985 by Maestro Diangienda Wabasolele Armand who formed a small ensemble of musicians during the height of the conflict in the Congo. At the urging of his father, Maestro Armand set himself the goal of gathering enough instruments to create a musical group large enough to unite all members of the community through music. Today, in Kinshasa, Congo the Orchestre Symphonique Kimganquiste is a 200 member performing orchestra that plays classical music with a distinctly African vibe, bringing delight to audiences worldwide.

The orchestra is made up of amateur musicians who perform for the joy of creating music together and receive no salary. Each musician contributes funds, goods and time as they can to maintain the operations of the orchestra and provide support to their fellow musicians, many of whom struggle to meet their daily needs. In this way, the orchestra is not only an avenue to learn and enjoy music, but also forms a critical social safety net for its members.