Mireille Kinkina

OPERAnauts Opera Fellow

Mireille KINKINA

MIREILLE KINKINA is a versatile soprano and chorister with the OSK. She achieved a music diploma with a vocal focus from the l’Institut National des Arts, and has been a Juniors’ Choir director since its inception in 2014; she is also a beginning pianist and aspiring harpist. However, she has reached a barrier in her Congolese-based musical development, having taken advantage of all available opportunities for artistic growth. To circumvent this obstacle, she is working to travel to New York so that she can partake in the immense wealth of music and culture found there and to continue her education within this environment. After she accomplishes this goal, she will return to her home in Kinshasa to educate others in music. With OPERAnauts, she will coach and direct the Street Boys’ Chorus, and carry on the message of empathy from the important perspective of a Congolese woman.

“J’aime la musique, ca me donne la force, l’espoir de vivre mais ici je suis bloque.” – MK