Guelor Ntela

OPERAnauts Opera Fellow

Guelor Ntela photo#1

GEULOR NTELA is a Congolese musician, serving as the principal chair cellist for the OSK, as well as a teacher of stringed instruments to The Juniors and students within the Kinshasa community. He is currently completing his music diploma at the l’Institut National des Arts, after which he hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Cello Performance. However, his great challenge lies in the absence of a graduate music program in Congo, as well as his lack of a sufficiently equipped laptop computer to finish the song compositions necessary to graduate. As an OPERAnauts fellow, he hopes to overcome these barriers. He will play in the music ensemble for OPERAnauts’ La Petite Carmen as a cellist, and will continue to spread OPERAnauts’ message of hope through music to students and audiences throughout Kinshasa.

“Je suis un artiste d’enseignement oui, mais aussi un artiste interprète.” – GN