In the news: Princeton’s OPERAnauts partners with MCCC students

In the news: Princeton’s OPERAnauts partners with MCCC students

(Mercer Community) On May 7, the student teams presented their final work before a panel of judges including Bechtler, Dana Lichtstrahl, whose company, Naked Insights, leads group and individual trainings, and Ken Greenberg, of HG-Media, a digital marketing communications company. The judges were clearly impressed with the results. “It was not easy to judge when everything was so good,” Bechtler told the students following their presentations. “It’s very touching to me how you picked up on the ideas we are trying to convey. We appreciate your time and creativity, and for taking this project to heart.”   Read more. . . 

PIPs for Volunteers


PIPs are Positive Impact Points – Rewards you earn when you do good things. 3P Partners, home to PIPs Rewards is a Certified B Corporation, a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

OPERAnauts’ Volunteers are VIPs (very important persons)! Volunteers play a crucial role in cultivating community relationships and partners to establish sustainability.

OPERAnauts gifts PIPs to VIPs to reward them, thank them, and amplify their good work!

OPERAnauts and PIPs Rewards volunteer program was recently featured on the PIPs Rewards blog.


Do you want to join to become one of OPERAnauts 50 VIPs – who assist with music events, programs and publicity?

1) Contact us by email and let us know that you want to help, and how many hours you would like to give.
2) We’ll gladly give you our link to the volunteer hours tracking platform we use (and, if you like, help set up your account!)
4) Then, enroll with PIPs Rewards to receive PIPs Rewards for your volunteer hours. (Takes 5 seconds!)
5) And, we’ll schedule a short orientation for you with the VIPs coordinator, and get you going and giving!